Our Design Process

How We Make To Order

We invite you for an appointment, for around one hour, where we will get to know and understand your concept, ideas, where you are looking to wear the outfit and also find out the vision that you are looking for us to create, for you.  If you cannot manage to come to this consultation then we can discuss using Skype, as we love to talk to our clients face to face and get to know them.


During this consultation we will also take the clients measurements. After the first appointment we take 10% deposit to start the work.

Now we start our designing process.


We think of all the ideas and concepts that we had during our consultation and then with our talented designer using the knowledge of fabrics and style accompanied with the designing skills and creativeness to create a sample of that outfit.  This part of the process includes some rough sketches, the fabric’s to be used, embroidery or non- embroidery work that is needed to be done.

After creating the designs, you and our designer now have to finalize the design so confirm if everything is 100% ok and ready to make or if there are any changes to be made.

During this part of the consultation we will be explaining and discussing the details of the outfit (for example, the fabric, colours, cost, embroidery or non-embroidery).

Once everything is finalised we then request 50% deposit as confirmation of the order. As soon as we have received the payment, through PayPal or online bank transfer, we will start making the final sample. 

Once we have finished making the final sample of the product, from the correct sketch and using the fabric that was agreed upon earlier, we show it to you or send you an email for approval. Once it is been approved by you (as this is what you were looking for), there after we send it to our production department, to create the finalized product especially for you.

After your dream outfit is ready, we again invite you to our studio for the trial and final fitting of your dream outfit, as we don’t want you get upset on the day when you want to wear it as the fitting may be too small or too big.  We do this extra service to ensure that you are 100% completely satisfied and happy.

Before we send out your outfit, we will send you a video of your outfit, for your approval.

For those of you, who cannot get to our studio, don’t worry, as we will send you the outfit by courier.



How We Design Our Collections

Here we think of a theme, upcoming social events or the seasonal weather and then using our designer’s knowledge of the current market and trends information is collected.



Now our designer gets creative by making rough sketches, looking for the right fabrics, cuts, stitches etc. This process takes quite a long time (usually up to a few weeks to get to final design).

We sit down and discuss the creation with other colleagues to finalise the design and materials, if required.



After creating the designs, by our designer, we finalize the design by checking everything is 100% ok and ready to be made or if there are any changes that need to be done.

During this stage we discuss the details of the outfit within our expertise (for example, the fabric, colours, cost, embroidery or non-embroidery).


Once everything is finalised we are ready to do our production.

Now that everything is clear with regards to fabric, design sample and size, we can now start the making of the designer garment, with our production team.  

Now that the final garment is ready, it goes for approval, photo shoot, marketing, labelling, packaging to reach our final destination which is our website and different exhibitions for our clients to purchase our designer collections.



Please note: All our designs are EXCLUSIVELY made by our members of staff.

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