We are the newly started London based fashion design brand.  We are a family run business which works with some select expert colleagues. We have been working through word of mouth recommendations from our friends, family and local recommendations. This year we are re-launching our brand in the local community to better showcase our high quality, exclusive, reasonably priced designer collections. We offer bespoke clothing for any special occasion as well. If you are interested in learning more keep reading.



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Sewing Invention2

Sewing invention2 As you have read in my last articles which was about invention of sewing. At the same time I had also talked about some more inventions which wasn’t been possible if sewing wasn’t invented. Among all those invention today I will talk about “sewing...

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Sewing invention

We all do different type of sewing project, which we all say different craft project. But have we ever thought who has invented sewing? When? How? Where? How did they have this idea? Which in other word we say what they did in the past is blessing for us in today’s...

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A Perfect Mood Calling With Colors!!!


Shades & Tints are very beneficial tools for setting up specific mood in the room. It also is helpful in setting your home decor. Also, it should be considered while taking decisions regarding decoration of your home. They are helpful in setting entire mood and energy level of your home.

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