Learn why we Celebrate “Valentine’s day”?

We all do celebrate 14th of February as a Valentine’s Day. On this we do give beautiful gifts to our loved once like mum, wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend but do we ever thought of from Where does this word originate from? What does it actually mean? What importance does this word has in history? Why do we celebrate this day? This word valentine originated comes from the Latin word called “Valentinus” which is also derived from the word called “Valens” which originally means “to be strong” (as defined in a Webster’s unabridged dictionary). This word literally means “strong, powerful, and mighty.” This word Valentine is originally a famous and very common old Roman name. During that time parents often gave this name to their children as valentine to honour the famous man who was first called as Valentine in antiquity. This famous man was Lupercus, the hunter. During the ancient time before the born of Christ in Roman people used to celebrate 14th February as an idolatrous festival to honour their “Valentine” Lupercus, the “hunter of wolves”. This festival was known as “Lupercalia”. This is where they used to “exchange the name of young women were put into a box and drawn out by men as chance directed”. But in bible this word is read as Nimrod who was “the Mighty hunter”. It was a common proverb of ancient time that Nimrod was the Mighty hunter before the Lord.”  Nimrod was their hero – their strong man – their VALENTINE! The Romans would say, – a Valentinus, a Valentine – meaning a mighty man! The original Valentine was Nimrod, the mighty hunter of wolves.  Another of... read more

Learn more about the Word “LOVE”…

We all know the word “love”. We all say this word many times to our very close ones , but do we ever thought of  from where this word “Love” originate from? What those words actually mean?  It is very easy to say this word “I Love you” to our girlfriend and Wife. This word LOVE actually came from the OLD ENGLISH word called “LUFU”, which was later modernized the Middle English as “LUF”. Finally, it is modernized to the word LOVE. Various means of love…. In General …. Concept. LOVE is a Mixed Feeling Of Various Emotions, LOVE means Emotion Of Strong Attraction, LOVE means Personal Attachment, LOVE means Affection, LOVE means Kindness, LOVE means Pleasure, LOVE means Relationship, LOVE means Compassion, LOVE means Creative... read more

A Perfect Mood Calling With Colors!!!


Shades & Tints are very beneficial tools for setting up specific mood in the room. It also is helpful in setting your home decor. Also, it should be considered while taking decisions regarding decoration of your home. They are helpful in setting entire mood and energy level of your home.

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